What skills are required by an NFT developer?

NFT developers must use their blockchain and programming skills to create NFTs. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of digital asset or token that cannot be exchanged for other assets. 

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The number of hirings for NFT developers has gradually increased over time. As a result, aspiring NFT developers are interested in learning the skills required to become expert NFT developers. To begin, you should be aware that blockchain is the foundation for creating non-fungible tokens. However, you cannot enter the domain of NFT development with any random blockchain network because each network lacks the capability to handle NFT transactions. As a result, you must become proficient in blockchain networks suitable for non-fungible tokens. To gain a competitive advantage over other applicants, NFT developers must be proficient in the use of Ethereum, FLOW, and Solana. You can check out nft developer for hire in Malaysia here.


  1. Ethereum
  • The first thing you should learn in an NFT developer course is the fundamentals of Ethereum. Ethereum is the most popular platform for creating non-fungible tokens, and it has a large developer community. The developer community is a promising highlight for Ethereum because it can provide quick bug fixes while also adding new features on a regular basis. Ethereum has also used a variety of technical documents that developers can use to create decentralised applications or smart contracts.

Skills that are required for Ethereum:

  • Cryptography Fundamentals (It can aid them in the creation and verification of digital signatures. A thorough understanding of cryptography fundamentals could assist developers in facilitating secure NFT transactions.)
  • Solidity Programming (Without bringing Solidity into the discussion, Ethereum’s capabilities for NFT development are practically non-existent. Solidity programming language is a must-have skill for blockchain and cryptocurrency experts.

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  1. FLOW
  • The following major mention in an NFT developer tutorial would highlight FLOW. It is a Proof of Stake consensus blockchain designed specifically for NFT minting as well as the development of crypto games and applications.


Skills that are required for FLOW:

  • Contracts (Contracts are basic FLOW programmes that aid in the execution of NFT logic. The programme grants access to the token’s various capabilities and resources.)
  • Transactions (Transactions point to the on-chain contract regarding the need for changes to the chain’s state.)
  • Scripts (Cadence scripts are programmes that aid in reading the state of the blockchain.)

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  1. Solana
  • Solana, which is also known as SOL, is a major competitor to Ethereum and Cardano, particularly in terms of speed. The Solana blockchain is home to a number of projects spanning the NFTs, web3, and DeFi ecosystems. Solana is one of the most important blockchain platforms to understand if you want to become an expert NFT developer.

Skills that are required for Solana:

  • Rust (Aspiring NFT developers should be fluent in Rust, an intermediate programming language for developers. Along with other common highlights for a specific general-purpose language, you must develop fluency in object-oriented programming and data structures.)
  • C, C++ (Applicants who want to become NFT developers with Solana expertise must also improve their knowledge of C and C++. The two programming languages are required for writing Solana on-chain programmes.)