Vibrators Are Your Your Friends: Benefits of Keeping em’ Close

Sex toys are gaining in popularity like never before. It’s because sex gadgets (particularly vibrators) are marketed as cures for anything from poor self-esteem to sleeplessness, menstrual pains to chronic dryness.

Vibrators are now considered a wellness product.


That isn’t (necessarily) a negative aspect. Orgasms have been linked to a variety of health benefits, including a better night’s sleep (due to prolactin) and pain alleviation (thanks to you, too, endorphins). Orgasms offer more advantages than we presently realize, and since the majority of individuals with clitorises only experience orgasms when their clits are stimulated, it’s only natural that we’ll resort to instruments (like vibrators) to assist them. By 2023, the global sex toy business is expected to rise at an alarming rate. A change in our thinking system from “sex toys are nasty” to “sex toys are healthy” is a major factor in that rise, and toy businesses are significantly investing in that message.


So, here are some of the perks that I’ve heard sex toy vendors tout — and if vibrators may genuinely assist with them.





There are times when you are content to stay up till dawn, and then there are nights when you wonder “how the heck did I get here?” If you fall into the second category often, you may be suffering from insomnia, a sleep condition marked by the inability to fall (or remain) asleep.



Orgasms reduce cortisol (a stress hormone) levels while simultaneously releasing prolactin. The combination of the two hormone changes might make you feel a lot more calm, which can make it easier for you to fall and remain asleep.


Chronic Dehydration

Is it the chicken or the egg that came first? (By the way, the response is usually “no one cares”). Chronic vaginal dryness is inconvenient, and it isn’t limited to women in their forties and fifties.


Chronic vaginal dryness can occur as a result of antidepressants or allergy medications, a result of chronic yeast infections or the use of harsh soaps on your vulva, as a result of hormonal birth control or testosterone therapy, as a result of simply being dehydrated, or for a variety of other reasons. In other words, even if you’re thirsty, your vaginal area may become permanently dry at some time.


Sexual Trauma Recovering

Sexual assault is a regular occurrence, and although we’ve made progress in discussing it, we still don’t speak much about the consequences. Many individuals have a variety of sexual issues after sexual trauma in an unhealthy relationship, including — but definitely not limited to — sexual avoidance.


Cramps During Menstruation

Ugh. We can only go so far with ibuprofen, heated pads, and Epsom salt baths, so it would be fantastic if vibrators could aid with menstruation cramps. And they can accomplish it because of a combination of pelvic floor contractions and endorphins generated during orgasm.




Whether your headaches are brought on by your children, demanding work, or both, you’re definitely looking for anything to assist you get rid of the discomfort. The “not tonight, honey, I have a headache” myth is certainly known to you, but is it truly backward? Is it true that sex may assist with headaches? Maybe. However, it’s possible.




Vaginal Atrophy is a condition in which the uterus shrinks

No, I’m not presenting your vagina with a prize (though it deserves one, tbh). According to the Mayo Clinic, vaginal atrophy is “thinning, dryness, and inflammation of the vaginal walls that may occur when your body has less estrogen.” It most often occurs when a woman enters menopause, although it may also occur in those who utilize testosterone treatment and have vaginal tissue.

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