The Current Trends of Stem Cell

Stem Cell Trends

The Current Trends of Stem Cell
Stem cells can be considered as one of the most natural alternatives in the medical field towards betterment of technological advancement from medical perspective. The major source of stem cells are mainly from embryos and adult stem cell.

The stem cell transplant can help in curing high number of disease related to body, starting from your hair up to the end of you leg.

For example, stem cell treatment specifically known as the stem cell hair transplant have the ability in curing the baldness to certain people by using the transplant from stem cell.  They simply took the stem cell from the patient’s body itself and injected it directly on the scalp of the patient on specific area of the head.

Unspecialized Cell

As the stem cell itself is considered as unspecialized cell, hence the cells do not have the ability in performing any specific things in the body. By injecting the stem cell directly on the hair, it will shape the stem cell to be one specific with specific task to encourage the hair follicle to develop and grow.

After all, majority of the usage of stem cell in medical field mainly for the body and skin wellness as part of the natural alternatives for the body.