How Do We Rely On Luck

People often do not realise the number of times in a single day that we rely on our luck. Some people depend on luck for the smallest things like winning games or lotteries, while other people rely on luck to achieve success in life.


Is Luck real? 

In a way, it is real and it always has been for centuries. People talking about doing rituals to increase the chances of something happening is basically luck. The main reason why some of those were documented in the first place was that it somehow worked. 

There are multiple cultures in the world that believe in lucky charms or tokens of the such to give increased fortune but these myths and beliefs not scientifically proven to work thus making it more of a faith which would then result in the placebo effect. 


Power of The Mind 

The power of the mind is not something that even modern science could not explain. Thinking that something is going to give you luck would boost one’s confidence. This would in turn cause a ripple effect that would make things that you wish to accomplish run smoother. 

Things like Japanese Tokens of Luck, and the Irish Four-leaf clover are examples of tokens of luck that are well known world wide. 


Luck in Scientific Terms

Luck is scientifically defined to be the flexibility of the mind and will to trust in your gut or instincts. In other words, having faith in something where the outcome is uncertain. 

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Where Does Luck Apply in Our Lives

We use luck in our day to day lives but we do not pay much attention to it whenever we do. In less serious manners, we use our luck with games that have a lottery system or even when we gamble or go to casinos to play with machines like the slot machine malaysia.


Luck is also something we apply to our daily lives. For students, they would hope to have good luck with not getting assignments or even talking to their crushes. For the working adult, luck plays a part in being offered a promotion or finding out that there is a sale going on for items or groceries we want or need. These things are not things that we go out of our way to rely solely on luck but it is however the common things that we leave to luck for the most part. 


Leaving Something To Luck or Doing Something? 

When it comes to the topic of luck, there are usually one of two paths that people would choose to walk down. The first being to take matters in their own hands and to not leave it to chance while the latter is to not do anything and leave it entirely up to chance. 


Reasons behind these choices differ based on the individual but the general idea is that people who take matters into their own hands, often do not believe in luck. They believe that things in life can be obtained through hard work and taking action to achieve something. Leaving something up to luck is not an option because it will either never happen or take too long to happen. 


For people who believe in leaving things up to luck and not to interfere, have faith. They believe that things are not always the same and that change is imminent. They believe that if we do not meddle in the affairs of faith, things will just fall into place if it is meant to be. 



No one method of thinking when it comes to luck is wrong because people are all entitled to their own decision on how to carry out their lives and the methods they choose to resort to when making decisions.