Fashion in Indonesia; And Why They Need Website Developers 



Why do some website developers malaysia want to get in fashion? This is due to the fashion industry. 



Fashion is the most popular eCommerce product category among Indonesians, with an anticipated market value of US$ 13.22 billion in 2021. In 2025, it is estimated to reach US$ 19.40 billion. 1

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This implies that roughly half of their population lives outside of cities, according to Zalora, one of Southeast Asia’s leading fashion online businesses. According to Zalora’s Southeast Asia Trender Report 2020, 77 percent of Zalora’s Indonesian consumers reside in non-urban areas. When choosing a network provider, make sure their last mile coverage includes the locations where you expect the majority of your customers to dwell.


COVID-19’s Impact – Activewear, Children’s Wear, Zoom-chic

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As a result of COVID-19’s influence, more individuals have had to adjust to working longer hours and spending more time at home. Zoom fashion, children’s apparel, and sportswear were the top trends seen in the area in 2020, according to Zalora’s Trender Report.


Many Indonesians have adapted to working from home, including the video chats that come with it. When just one’s top is exposed, Zalora reports that sales of blouses and tunics have climbed, while sales of dresses have decreased. Sales of blouses and tunics increased from 15% to 17%, while dresses decreased from 24% to 17%.


People in Indonesia needed to change how they kept active when indoor gyms closed and many regular physical activities, such as group sports, were interrupted. According to Zalora’s Trender Report, there was an increase in search interest in exercise equipment in Indonesia in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019:


In 2020, children’s clothing witnessed a significant increase. T-shirts were the most popular product category in childrenswear in Indonesia, followed by tops, dresses, sports shoes, and shorts in that order. Many parents turned to internet shopping for their children’s clothing requirements because brick-and-mortar establishments were either closed or hazardous during the previous lockdowns. Their clothes sizes vary as kids become older, resulting in additional purchases.


Moderate dressing


The hijab has made an appearance on high-fashion runways all around the world, representing a modern approach to hijab design that young and modern customers can enjoy. This trend has been fueled in part by hijab fashion bloggers7 with significant Instagram followings.


While you may not be a seller of modern hijab fashion, this trend is comparable to the modest fashion style that gained popularity throughout the world in 2018. The first rule of modest dressing is to conceal one’s flesh. Modest apparel also prioritizes comfort and fit, which caters to the needs of Indonesian buyers.


If you want to get into this industry, keep in mind that modesty and comfort without sacrificing aesthetics and style may be the way to go.


Fashion that lasts


Sustainable fashion, sometimes known as “slow fashion,” is a niche sector that caters to Indonesia’s middle-class and affluent customers (MACs), with an increasing focus on ethical and sustainable manufacturing techniques.