Best Audible Books in 2022

As an ardent reader, make it a goal to read at least 50 pages of your favourite genre (rom-com), however, you can usually finish a book in a day if it’s that fantastic. With all of my book downloads and library visits, you can be confident that the 20 greatest audiobooks to read in spring 2022 is the last seasonal list you’ll ever need. Not to add, you may have been in contact with publishers to read much-anticipated new publications ahead of their release dates, including titles by beloved authors like Georgia Clark, Colleen Hoover, Rebecca Serle, and Josie Silver. Without further ado, let us take a look at the best audible books which you can listen to in the year 2022. 

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One Italian Summer by Rebacce Serle

Rebecca Serle is the reigning queen of literary realism, and “One Italian Summer” is no exception. This popular new novel is on almost everyone’s reading list — and not just because of its captivating cover depicting the Italian Riviera. When Katy’s mother passes away, she embarks on a solo vacation to Positano, the southern landmark of lemons, exquisite calm, and a plethora of maritime landscapes. It’s one of the most thought-provoking novels I’ve read this year, centred on the themes of realising one’s own identity, overcoming sadness on one’s terms, and discovering magic along the road.

Island Time by Georgia Clark 

Georgia Clark is one of the most amazing authors with whom I’ve had the pleasure of interacting through her work. Her forthcoming film, “Island Time,” is about a family who finds themselves stuck on an Australian island after a volcano explodes. It’s a great light book to take on vacation or to read while the sun shines. What distinguishes this work from others is the skill with which Clark knits her characters together; each has a distinct personality and a distinct storyline to follow. Aside from that, there are underlying themes of gender equality, sincerity, and taking life one day at a time.

Good Eggs by Rebecca Hardiman

Rebecca Hardiman’s debut work is just delightful. “Good Eggs” follows three generations of a wacky Irish family, whose tensions flare when a home assistant enters their life. This light read, full of knowledge (after all, he is an eighty-three-year-old), leaves you with the impression that life is never too late to begin living and that no single family is flawless — and that’s only part of what fills your cup.

One night on the Island by Josie Silver

Nothing beats Josie Silver’s latest album, “One Night on the Island.” Cleo scurries out of the nation from her editing work and into the clutches of a secluded Irish island to spend her thirtieth birthday in this endearing rom-com. However, when she arrives, a handsome Boston native has already made himself at home in what should have been Cleo’s rental property. These sincere “opposites attract” tale is simple to read and brought me all the feelings (seriously, I was on the brink of tears at times). It’s fantastic and well worth reading.


Despite what has been mentioned previously, there is still a lot of audible book waiting to discover or published by authors in the future. Thus, if you have some time to kill but nothing else to do, why not just listen to some audible books? 

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