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find shoujo manga series to read online malaysia


Since the strike of the covid-19 pandemic, many people have been searching for new sorts of entertainment and hobbies to spend during their free time, especially after the enforcement of the movement control order (MCO). The boredom that they experience during this pandemic season makes them explore and try out new things to fill up their daily life. Some people start to listen to Kpop, watch Hollywood drama series on Netflix, and read Manga as a new hobby to entertain themselves at home. 


Many people are starting to be interested in reading manga and watching anime to spend their leisure time as a hobby. Before we continue in-depth about manga, did you know the difference between manga and anime? Well, many people are still confused about the differences between them. When we talk about manga, we need to remember that it comes in a form of reading tools. Manga is a comic or graphic book that enables people to read, while anime comes in a form of TV series or movies. Both media have a distinct visual aesthetic, and many comics are used as inspiration for anime. Despite this, not all manga series are going to turn into anime series, and not all anime series are not based on manga.


As for manga, studies show that many people start to search for Manga comic series during the pandemic Covid-19. Manga has been gaining popularity since ages ago, and it is proven to keep increasing day by day. It is undeniable that reading manga comic books can be very addictive and it has successfully attracted so many people to continue reading it. If you are eager to also jump on the bandwagon and want to start reading manga, here is a list of manga series that you can enjoy. You can click here to find shoujo manga series to read online Malaysia


find shoujo manga series to read online malaysia


  • Haikyu!!


If you are into sports and would love to start reading manga, then this manga series is the best for you. This shounen manga series will appeal to more than just sports lovers, despite it being centralized on high school sports. Anyone looking for a heartwarming story about friendship and pursuing one’s aspirations can find something to enjoy in this manga series.


  • Last Game


If you are searching for light-romance manga series, Last Game is the ideal option for you. Last Game is an interesting comic series as it follows the characters from elementary school through their sophomore year of college. Last Game reads more like a novel with various POVs than a manga, which will be a welcome change for manga fans who prefer more narrative.


  • Orange


One of the most popular manga series among manga lovers. This manga has been gaining popularity since it is being adapted into an anime series and movie. If you think it seems a little grim for a shoujo manga, you’re correct. Orange has also been classified as a seinen which means a mature genre of a manga series because of its dark, sensitive, and serious tone. This manga series is one of the most read shoujo mangas in recent years.